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Attention! Attention! Kids love Cracow and Prague!

Parents wondered whether Cracow was a good destination for a trip with kids and whether Prague with a child was a good idea. Sometimes we don't understand them – it was obvious from the very beginning that we like family trips so much that we'd love all of them. And sightseeing with a family is the coolest.

We love mountains, seas and lakes, but we also like big cities because there are plenty of things going on. And there is ice-cream, plenty of ice-cream, all over the place. When we are good kids, our parents are willing to buy us my favourite strawberry ice-cream and the pink one chosen by Nela, and then we are ready to look for more attractions. Lately, castles were the biggest of them, therefore we looked for dragons and their traces. Because where there's a castle, there must also be some dragon nearby, right?