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Venice with the little ones, or a waterbus, gondolas and other boats.

I really wanted to go to Venice already when dad showed me a short movie about this place on his computer, and there was a big yellow ship in the movie. Together with Nela, we immediately agreed that we would board that ship, and before departure we kept asking our parents to show us the same images again. Other little boats didn’t seem that cool to us, especially those that were shown most often, which could be boarded by two persons only, and there was a funny-dressed man with an oar standing behind them. Rowing while standing up – it’s unthinkable, isn’t it? What’s more – rowing a gondola, when there were many cool and fast ships and boats around!

Truths and myths about Venice, discover hidden corners of the very place

Laugh in the face of anyone who claims that Venice is overrated and that it is worth going there, but only for a while – so that you could say that you’ve been there and you’ve seen it – just to run away from the gigantic crowds of tourists. You definitely have to go off the beaten track, but you not necessarily have to leave it far behind. That part of Venice that is not in the direct vicinity of the Canal Grande mainstream is fascinating and absolutely unique.