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Attention! Attention! Kids love Cracow and Prague!

Parents wondered whether Cracow was a good destination for a trip with kids and whether Prague with a child was a good idea. Sometimes we don't understand them – it was obvious from the very beginning that we like family trips so much that we'd love all of them. And sightseeing with a family is the coolest.

We love mountains, seas and lakes, but we also like big cities because there are plenty of things going on. And there is ice-cream, plenty of ice-cream, all over the place. When we are good kids, our parents are willing to buy us my favourite strawberry ice-cream and the pink one chosen by Nela, and then we are ready to look for more attractions. Lately, castles were the biggest of them, therefore we looked for dragons and their traces. Because where there's a castle, there must also be some dragon nearby, right?

Lake Maggiore is a real pearl, ride up to the sky in a barrel

While arriving at the cable car station, follow the road signs, not Google Maps – unless you’re into adventures. Aunt Google made us drive into a one-way street so narrow that we had to fold the wing mirrors just to fit in between some two houses by the road. Also, don’t pay too much attention to the term “cable car”, because you’ll actually ride a two-person barrel. You can’t, however, miss on that trip while being by Lago Maggiore, if only to find yourself above it. Above the entire town and the second largest lake in Italy, being also the largest lake at least the part of which belongs to Switzerland.

Austria less known and less discovered, with mountains and lakes will welcome the children

Lake Fuschl? Lake Wolfgang? Lake Mondsee? They don’t sound familiar, do they? It’s worth changing that, as Austria, much-loved by Polish tourists due to its excellent skiing destinations, has a lot to offer also during summer. The Salzkammergut region is simply enchanting, offering beautiful mountains and crystal-clear lakes surrounding them, so picturesque that even our small children kept saying over and over again: “It’s beautiful here” – Żywek and Nela will tell you a bit more about this in their Through the Eyes of Żywek and Nela tab.

Venice with the little ones, or a waterbus, gondolas and other boats.

I really wanted to go to Venice already when dad showed me a short movie about this place on his computer, and there was a big yellow ship in the movie. Together with Nela, we immediately agreed that we would board that ship, and before departure we kept asking our parents to show us the same images again. Other little boats didn’t seem that cool to us, especially those that were shown most often, which could be boarded by two persons only, and there was a funny-dressed man with an oar standing behind them. Rowing while standing up – it’s unthinkable, isn’t it? What’s more – rowing a gondola, when there were many cool and fast ships and boats around!

Truths and myths about Venice, discover hidden corners of the very place

Laugh in the face of anyone who claims that Venice is overrated and that it is worth going there, but only for a while – so that you could say that you’ve been there and you’ve seen it – just to run away from the gigantic crowds of tourists. You definitely have to go off the beaten track, but you not necessarily have to leave it far behind. That part of Venice that is not in the direct vicinity of the Canal Grande mainstream is fascinating and absolutely unique.

A trail for children? A test of character. The Tatras within the reach of many

Should you go to the Tatras with kids? What trail to choose not to exhaust yourself and your little companions? How to make the stay pleasurable for both the children and the parents? How to avoid crowds? These are all important and frequently asked questions – we asked them ourselves before our first trip to Zakopane. Now, after a few stays in the Tatras with kids, we often glance at the calendar and look for another chance to go south, even for a couple of days. And we're not among those who can wait in a line for five and a half hours to take a cable car to Kasprowy – although, there sure are people like that. Tatra trails are made for avid hikers but there's also no shortage of trails for people travelling with children.

Leave the kids at home, what happens on holiday... stays on holiday

The first shock came when we were packing for the trip: a regular weekday, we're both at home, our two kids in the kindergarten. We caught ourselves whispering as if it was encoded in our brains that when it’s quiet the children must be asleep... Then, the departure, our stomachs in knots – what’s going to happen when they come back home and see only their grandparents? On the way to the airport, we had a thousand thoughts running through our heads – how will they fall asleep without a parent when it never happened before? Won’t they be shocked when they’re waken up by grandma and not dad or mom? And if they start crying and we won’t be able to come back because we'll be thousands of kilometers away?

Switzerland doesn’t have to be expensive, or how to visit the country and not become insolvent

Switzerland is an expensive country, we won’t be lying about that. But in this text, we will advise you on how to spend there as little as possible and see as much as possible. We will share our experience concerning travelling with two little children, as to what, when and how to visit as well as what to pay the most attention to. And explain how to make sure that after returning to Poland you’re aware that, having calculated the number of wonderful experiences and magnificent views, the trip was really, really cost-effective. In every respect.