Dokąd mamy Cię zabrać?

Tag: Tatras mountains

A trail for children? A test of character. The Tatras within the reach of many

Should you go to the Tatras with kids? What trail to choose not to exhaust yourself and your little companions? How to make the stay pleasurable for both the children and the parents? How to avoid crowds? These are all important and frequently asked questions – we asked them ourselves before our first trip to Zakopane. Now, after a few stays in the Tatras with kids, we often glance at the calendar and look for another chance to go south, even for a couple of days. And we're not among those who can wait in a line for five and a half hours to take a cable car to Kasprowy – although, there sure are people like that. Tatra trails are made for avid hikers but there's also no shortage of trails for people travelling with children.