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A look inside the most luxurious hotel in the world – Burj Al Arab – the Sail in Dubai. What actually awaits us inside

How to get to the Burj Al Arab? The easiest way is to rent a room, however, since Burj Al Arab is considered to be the most luxurious hotel in the world and one of the most expensive ones as well, renting even the smallest apartment – two floors, 169 square meters – can pose a challenge to anyone’s wallet. Our “entry ticket” has cost 220 dirhams per person, while a dessert named Sweet Indulgence, which included “Gold Cappuccino 24K”, have enabled a table reservation in the Sahn Eddar Lobby Bar. Yes, we drank a golden cappuccino with a hint of 24-carat gold and ate a pastry sprinkled with gold, however... their taste was not overwhelming. We will long remember what we have seen 200 meters above the lobby while exploring every nook and cranny of the hotel – also those unavailable to any tours. Entering the tallest atrium in the world is a sight on its own: you can even buy something in local shops (although, putting it mildly, the prices are not cheap) and admire many views, experience the taste of luxury of the highest order and touch – almost anywhere – the most expensive Italian Statuario marble which was brought here by the tones, and which was used for the most famous works of Michelangelo. You can even see how a water column of a fountain located in the atrium is moved up 30 meters in the air every hour or so. The first floor itself presents amazing possibilities and fascinates indeed, even with a subtle golden kitsch.